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A Webinar to discuss Sustainable Fashion & Beauty

Find out the future of sustainable fashion & beauty in this webinar series hosted by Business Summits

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By Sanjoli Arora

Fashion and beauty- two sectors that are most commonly associated with aesthetic wealth. Fashion and beauty remain two industries that every individual is a part of whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Hence the impact of change in these sectors affects us all.

The one term that is taking this industry by the storm is sustainability. For many it still remains as yet another trend the fashion and beauty industry has to offer. For others it is a need of the hour the the future moving forward.

Business Summits has decided to gather a few leading voices and host a Sustainable Fashion and Beaty Webinar series. Running from 29th-30th October 2021, the online webinar aims to discuss the future of sustainable fashion and beauty. Learn about the responsibilities of the producers to usher in this new era.

What is Business Summits?

Business Summits is a global business event and consulting corporation that serves a diverse client base with a wide range of business services. The firm’s goal is to teach other service organisations how to incorporate sustainability into their business models and to obtain a better understanding of how corporations work.

Business Summits aspires to give unique and high-quality information on the notion of sustainability in different fields. The organisation has a comprehensive awareness of the realities and requirements of sustainability.

A big part of the organisations working is conducting webinar series around the different aspects of sustainability. These webinars connect consumers with service providers and bridge the gap to ensure a common goal.

Sustainable Fashion & Beauty Webinar 2.0

The Global Sustainable Fashion & Beauty 2.0 Webinar is being hosted by Business Summit online from 29th-30th October 2021, 3 PM IST onwards.

More than 400 people are anticipated to join the webinar. This includes top industrialists with backgrounds in marketing and production. The goal of the webinar is to provide solutions to queries about fashion and beauty sector sustainability. The webinar would cover in-depth subjects relating to the change to sustainable production, and selling eco-friendly items through educational sessions. This webinar will provide you with business insights and will aid in the advancement of the sustainable consumption cycle.

The webinar will provide guidance to future leaders who will shape the global sustainable fashion and beauty sector. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals and upcoming businesses who want to build a sustainable foundation for their business by engaging and listening to corporate leaders from around the world.

Meet the Speaker Panel

The webinar will consist of web panel discussions, exclusive live fireside chats and engaging digital industry presentations by 20+ industry leaders. The 8 key speakers for this years Sustainable Fashion & Beauty Webinar series are as follows.

Shannon Goldberg- speaker at sustainable fashion & beauty webinar

Shannon Goldberg

The Chief Zero Waste Officer at Izzy Beauty Inc, Shannon has experience of more than 15 years in the field of marketing, innovation, and product development. As a creator of a brand, her goal is to reduce and eliminate waste from our production and manufacturing cycles.

Prof. Ahsis Kumar Samanta

Prof. Ashis Kumar Sumanta

Prof. Ashis Kumar Sumanta is the Chairman of the TXD 07 Committee and a Member and Former Convener of the PhD committee in Textile Technology, CU. He is the Southeast Asia Regional Board Member of AATCC (USA) and former Member of RAC of ICAR-NIRJAFT Govt. of India, Kolkata. Prof. Ashis attended the last three plenary meetings of ISO-TC-38 that presented the NWIP Standards on the identification of few natural dyes. 

Chandan Pal Singh

Chandan Pal Singh

Co-founder of PALISON, Chandan has a vision is to create garments that are ethically produced through sustainable practices. He wants to make a difference by adapting to conscious choices and works on reducing the harmful impact of fashion on our mother earth. 

Jonathan Ohayon - speaker sustainable fashion and beauty webinar

Jonathan Ohayon

Jonathan created a vegan and ethical city backpack with a secure closure and educates people on the impact of the fashion industry and the solutions one can find. He is the creator of the F.A.K.E. Movement (Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment) and has received a medal from the French ministry at the “Lepine” contest.

Rohan Batra

Rohan Batra

Rohan has a vivid experience across various conglomerates. He is working with the House of Anita Dongre and is driving ‘rECOgnise’ initiative that is committed to switching to complete sustainable packaging. He has worked at Aditya Birla Education Trust and his partnership for transparency through brand supply chains such as M&S, Tesco, Inditex (ZARA) and Lindex for utilization of LIVA fabric made from man-made cellulosic staple fibre has been critical

Rohan is a contributor to sustainability at Grasim by building existing collaborations in line with organizational goals.

Amishi Parasrampuria - sustainable fashion & beauty webinar speaker

Amishi Parasrampuria

Amishi is a TEDx speaker and recognised as NAAEE 30 Under 30. She is the founder of Upcycler’s Lab and is a sustainability consultant. Upcycler’s Lab helps creates environment-themed play-based learning tools for children.

Avinash dhagat

Avinash Dhagat

Avinash is a VP of Supply Chain at MamaEarth and a Supply Chain specialist with global experience in the areas of Demand & Supply Planning, Inventory Management & Customer Service across different industries. He has previously worked with brands like L’Oreal and Supermax.

Ignasi Eiriz - speaker at sustainable fashion & beauty webinar

Ignasi Eiriz

Ignasi is the Founder & CEO of Ethical Time. Since the age of 17, Ignasi decided to boycott any brand that exploits its workers. He created Ethical Time, a platform that brings Real Sustainable Fashion brands to everyone. His aim is to create a global community of sustainable fashion brands to change the future of the textile industry.

Join us for our sustainable fashion and beauty webinar on the 29th and 30th of October for an interactive session on fashion and beauty. Be a part of a more environmentally conscious world and help shape the change for a better planet. Book your seat here.

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* Conscious Charcha is a media partner for the Sustainable Fashion & Beauty 2.0 Webinar b the Business Summits.

Sanjoli is currently working as a Content Strategist and has a Master’s degree in Fashion Journalism. She has contributed to publications like MensXPMindless Mag and Sustain: The Mag in the past. Conscious Charcha is her way of learning more about sustainability and spreading the word about a sustainable lifestyle.

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