Editor’s Note

October 17, 2021

Hello Earthling

Today marks one year since ConsciousCharcha.com went live. With this editor’s note, I would like to express my gratitude to each one of you who has come here with your own set of questions around sustainable living and found some answers.

Conscious Charcha was conceived as a guide to help my own personal sustainable journey. But in these 12 months, the website has gained support from 29 (& counting) conscious collaborators, 65+ brand features and 4000+ website visitors.

Editors Note - Conscious Charcha website glimpse from the past
Conscious Charcha’s early website content
Conscious Charcha Instagram content
Conscious Charcha Instagram Page

Sustainable living is such a broad concept that it is difficult to cover all aspects of it in one go. Pls, all of us here at team Conscious Charcha see sustainability as an ever evolving subject. Thus, we continue to learn, unlearn and relearn about the subject.

In the span of one year, we have published 65 articles and our content has covered a range of topics. From Sustainable Fashion, Conscious Skincare, Waste Management with a more in-depth analysis on Plastics and a dive into Veganism. We also did a fun Diwali edit to bring you homegrown, sustainable brands to shop from during the festive season. Recently we discussed Second Hand Shopping and are dropping a few guides on Sustainable Development Goals.

Honestly, we may not have even scratched the surface for there is so much more to read and write about. In the upcoming months, we will be covering the one burning topic that started this publication – Climate Change. I am excited to bring different angles and viewpoints on the subject through the lens of our various writers.

There is so much more planned for 2022 – expanding on existing topics, discussing new concepts but most importantly creating content that our readers want to learn about. Conscious Charcha is guided by our readers, their practices, and the problems they want to solve to make this planet a kinder place.

So let us know in the comments below what you would like to read next. Or follow us on our social channels to keep the ‘Conscious Charcha’ going.

Until then, remember to take small sustainable steps each day because they make big impacts!

– Sanjoli Arora
Founder & Editor, Conscious Charcha

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