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Welcome to Conscious Charcha

A digital publication striving to build a better future not just for people but also other beings and the planet!

Let us make sustainable living easy and affordable


Our story

Conscious Charcha is a go-to publication solely dedicated to sustainable living. While there are some individuals living a green life, we aim to make sustainability a mass movement. We can’t do this alone and need your support every step of the way.

The name Conscious Charcha symbolises our effort to start a conscious discussion a.k.a. charcha around a more sustainable, ethical and wholesome living.

Our content offerings include easy hacks, doable guides and interviews connecting the readers with conscious brands, organisations and individuals.

Our content is spread across three topics.


Read about ideas, concepts and practices that are changing the world.


Things you can make and practices you can easily change. It is all about the D.I.Y. approach.


Get inspired from other individuals and brands. Or share your own story.

Meet the Founder

Hey, it’s Sanjoli – the earthling behind Conscious Charcha.

Conscious Charcha is my passion project to live more sustainably. I came across many individuals, brands and organisations who have inspired me to start this. I hope to share their stories with you.

We are a young platform, so bear any mistakes we may make early on. We are learning and unlearning along with you.

Our platform relies on constant community support. So if you have any feedback, suggestions or stories to share feel free to contact us.

Join us as we embark on a more conscious journey together!