Sustainable fashion brands list. Co-ord mens set by Doodlage , dress by Nicobar and bags by Okhai

5 Indian Sustainable Fashion brands worth your ‘wardrobe investment’

Make your next shopping spree guilt-free by choosing these sustainable fashion brands over
fast fashion hauls

By Sanjoli Arora

‘Sustainable fashion is the future.’ It is not just us saying that but what the trends are pointing towards. Some believe retail is being taken over by a green wave, some argue the pandemic pushed for a sustainable change and others say that sustainable fashion is now a necessity.

For us, the simple idea that sustainable fashion stands for a healthy planet, healthy people and beings is reason enough. For a long time, we have been ignoring the environmental damages caused by fashion. Now we have easy access to alternate, slow fashion brands and a choice to choose better.

Of course, the high price points of sustainable brands are still a hiccup for many. But once you understand why eco-friendly products are expensive, you will see them as an investment for a greener future. Our article explains the various costs involved and how sustainable products are priced.

Now that we have cleared up all the roadblocks, here is our list of 5 sustainable fashion brands that are kind to the planet and have cutting-edge aesthetics to suit all your style needs.


Sustainable fashion brands: Doodlage. Zero-waste clothing range. Image from Instagram.
Image source: Doodlage Instagram

Founded by Kriti Tula and Paras Arora, Doodlage is where upcycling takes the centre stage.

Every piece and collection weaves together textile waste scraps into beautiful modern pieces that are perfect for any occasion. What we absolutely love is how the brand offers co-ord sets that you can wear together or mix and match with clothing pieces from your existing wardrobe.

The brand offers its collection for both women and men, though some of their pieces are definitely gender-neutral. Besides clothing, you can also shop for other stuff like bags, cushion covers, table runners and stationery items.

Head to to browse the complete collection.


Support community-upliftment with Okhai India. Image from Instagram.
Image source: Okhai Instagram

Okhai’s brand story is the story of the people who make its products.

Okhai is set up by the Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) and is supported by various self-help groups formed in the villages of Okhamandal, Gujarat who are trained in the process of modern handcraft production. The brand offers handcrafted apparel and lifestyle products created by rural artisans from across the country. 

With community-building and women empowerment as its backbone, Okhai offers a wide range of clothing options that are a perfect blend of Indian designs in modern silhouettes. Their apparel collection offers womenswear, menswear and kidswear (so you know where to head to next for a family shopping spree).

We love how you can read artisan stories and learn more about who made your products. The shopping pages also offer care instructions besides full details about materials. The brand also has lifestyle products like home decor accessories and necessities along with silver jewellery pieces to complement your clothing purchases.

Head to to browse the full collection.

No Nasties

Sustainable fashion brands: No Nasties. Shop fair trade, organic, vegan clothing. Image from Instagram.
Image source: No Nasties Instagram

As the name suggests, No Nasties is all about avoiding the nasty stuff associated with fashion brands. Instead choose to opt for Organic, Fair-trade and Vegan products. Thus, earn the triple benefits of environment-friendly, people empowering and conscious about all beings.

If three reasons weren’t good enough, No Nasties also ensures a carbon-neutral purchase by planting a tree with every sale and shipping your products in zero plastic packagings (all the details can be verified as the brand is transparent about their supply chain).

The brand’s clothing collection is easy, breezy and available for both women and men (various products are gender-neutral). Every product comes with not just conscious care instructions but also tells you the amount of drinking water you saved by choosing a piece of clothing made from organic cotton.

Head to to get access to the complete collection.


Conscious clothing by Nicobar India. Image from Instagram.
Image source: Nicobar Instagram

Nicobar is not just a store but a sustainable studio. This does not just mean a variety in products and collections but also an increased sense of responsibility towards the brand’s customers and the environment.

We love how honest the brand is and transparent about its own sustainable journey. It understands that when it comes to being environmentally conscious, there is no one way except listening to what the consumers demand and offering that is the most eco-friendly way.

The brand’s collection offers the Indian summer cool vibe with quirky prints and aesthetics. Shop for womenswear, menswear, accessories including jewellery– all of which come with careful care instructions. You can also shop Nicobar’s carefully curated stylish edit-drop collections.

Head to to browse the collection.

Ethic Attic

Project Hennu- an initiative by Ethic Attic. Image from Instagram
Image source: Ethic Attic Instagram

Our final brand recommendation is the Banglore-based Ethic Attic that is a proud sustainable concept store.

Ethic attic as a brand goes to lengths to ensure fair trade and good working conditions for the people behind the lens, thus catching our eye. The brand focuses on maintaining sustainable standards in a more planet-friendly and people-friendly way. The brand’s latest initiative with Fairkonnect titled ‘Project Hennu‘ is a community-development program that empowers garment workers and makes the consumers, conscious buyers.

The brand’s collection is not just milted to womenswear and menswear but extends to other items like accessories, personal care products, lifestyle products as well as books.

Head to to view the entire collection.

Our list of Indian sustainable fashion brands is curated with the idea of investing in your clothing pieces rather than purchasing on a whim. So get started on curating your conscious wardrobe with these brands.

P.S. Ping us on the brands we missed and we will give them a shoutout next!

Main image features co-ord set for men by Doodlage, shift dress for women by Nicobar and bags by Okhai.

Sanjoli is currently working as a Content Strategist and has a Master’s degree in Fashion Journalism. She has contributed to publications like MensXPMindless Mag and Sustain: The Mag in the past. Conscious Charcha is her way of learning more about sustainability and spreading the word about a sustainable lifestyle.

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