5 Plastic-Free Marketplaces in India To Shop From

Shop sustainable and eco-friendly with our list of plastic-free marketplaces

By Sanjoli Arora

The number one reason that consumers find it difficult to switch to a sustainable lifestyle is the low access to sustainable products. Kirana shops or marketplaces near your house may not be serving you products that are eco-friendly.

When I moved my search online I found great and reliable plastic-free marketplaces that do not just offer a wide-range of sustainable products but also ensure plastic-free packaging. These marketplaces are built with a planet positive approach and make sure to bring to you the best of the products with a conscious approach.

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1. Brown Living India

plastic-free marketplaces: brown living india

India’s first and only plastic-free marketplace, Brown Living consciously curates an array of everyday sustainable products. They source products from individuals, groups and brands who have made it their mission to create a positive environmental impact and be truly environment positive. 

Find a range of sustainable products– from apparel to home accessories, self-care and wellness – supporting sustainablevegan, chemical-free and zero-waste lifestyles.

Brown Living was launched in 2019 by Chaitsi Ahuja, a marketer and earth advocate, who has been living a plastic-free life for the past 5 years. Read her story of how she came up with the idea for Brown Living here. Pragya Kapoor joined the Brown Living team as Business Partner and Investor.

What makes this marketplace stand out is the transparent and robust selection method. Each product on the website is looked through ‘The Brown Lens‘- a proprietary framework that evaluates for 5 key principles. Where the product was sourced from, how is it made , how will it be packaged, what is the post-use life cycle of the product, and aesthetic qualities.

Start shopping from Brown Living right here.

Our top picks to shop from Brown Living:

  1. Beginners Sustainable Kit
  2. Coconut Fibre Cleaning Kit – 5 Coir Brushes Set
  3. Mango Wood Table Top Masala Box

Transparency Note: The author is an ambassador for Brown Living and earns a commission for each sale made using her coupon code ‘SANJOLI’ that gives buyers a 10% instant discount.

2. Awenest

Awenest plastic-free marketplace

Awenest is a plastic-free marketplace tackling plastic pollution from every nook and corner. They deliver 100% plastic-free items in a 100% plastic-free manner. Awenest offers a wide variety of products across categories like home, food, clothing, skincare, kitchen items, and more.

Awenest ensures that each product and partnership embodies their value chart. The company was started by three young entrepreneurs- Atul, Jahangir, and Kinshuk each of whom bring their unique perspective and earth-friendly values to the company.

Awenest is also actively working towards reducing the amount of waste that is dumped in the landfills though its recycling program.

Our top picks to shop from Awenest:

  1. Dual Tone Jute basket
  2. Natural Floor Cleaner
  3. Wholewheat and Semolina Pasta

Start shopping from Awenest today!

Transparency Note: The author has worked with the brand in the past. Use discount code ‘ECL30’ to get 30% off on your Awenest purchases.

3. Ullisu Store

ullisu plastic-free marketplace

Ullisu Store is the brainchild of Mrudual Joshi (@ullisu) who started it as an attempt at reducing our polluting impact on the planet. The store focuses on reducing single-use plastic consumption, and provide a wholesome perspective on how a consumer can aid and support the shift to a more circular economy.

You can shop by category or brands, the Ullisu collection covers all areas to live a sustainable life.

Our top picks from the Ullisu store:

  1. Zero-waste Self care Trial Kit
  2. Ullisu Collapsible Steel Cup
  3. Denim Wax Strips (pack of 12 strips)

Start shopping from the Ullisu Store here.

4. Conscience Nook

Conscience nook

Conscience Nook is a 100% plastic-free marketplace. It ensures the same by asking three critical questions when on-boarding a product or partner. Was it ethically sourced? Is it meant to sustain? and Is it 100%plastic-free? These three questions are the building blocks for the Conscience Nook’s product catalog that offers home care, personal care, pet care to plastic-free gifting.

Conscience Nook was started by two college friends – Shreyas Narain and Vanya Gangwar, who had a shared love for nature and the will to make a difference. The idea was to provide an online go-to store for all of the sustainable and plastic-free needs like the stores that are famously available in India at all nooks and corners.

Our top picks from Conscience Nook:

  1. Oil pulling mouth swirl
  2. Bamboo Socks
  3. Arthritis Pain CBD Oil

Start shopping from Conscience Nook right here

5. Loopify

loopify 100% plastic-free marketplace

Loopify started with a singular aim – to make the planet a greener, cleaner and happier place to live for everyone. A 100% plastic-free marketplace, Loopify offers sustainable products for gifting, events, festivals and everyday living.

A range of carefully curated products hope to show customers that the switch to sustainability can start small, without any compromise on quality. Loopify partners believe the same values as the brand of sustainable, conscious, ethically and cruelty-free sourced, chemical-free products.

Our top picks from Loopify:

  1. Neem Wood Tongue Cleaner
  2. Plantable Newspaper Pencils (pack of 10)
  3. Sabai Grass bread basket

These five plastic-free marketplaces are a start. There are many more online stores, brands and even offline outlets that are championing the plastic-free movement. It is all about finding and supporting them by becoming loyal customers. If you are looking for more community support, follow these plastic-free influencers. So the only question remains: are you willing to take the plastic-free approach?

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Sanjoli is currently working as a Content Strategist and has a Master’s degree in Fashion Journalism. She has contributed to publications like MensXPMindless Mag and Sustain: The Mag in the past. Conscious Charcha is her way of learning more about sustainability and spreading the word about a sustainable lifestyle.

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