5 Indian zero-waste influencers. (L-R) Mrudula, Mehndi, Saniya, Nayana and Pankti

5 Indian Zero-waste Influencers that you need to follow

Our list of zero-waste influencers will help you in your zero-waste journey. After all, seeing real people do things is always an inspiration.

By Sanjoli Arora

The idea of producing no waste at all seems impossible. The idea of living a low-waste life still seems achievable but difficult. If you find yourself in this boat then you are not alone. The initial inertia surrounding the low-waste lifestyle bores down on many (the writer included). Yet, it is the most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and help fight the battle of climate change.

So, how do you start reducing your waste? Well, of course, the answer is to research and make lifestyle changes. Reading about different waste types, understanding what happens to our waste and learning how to do a waste audit are just some steps to get you started.

Another approach that can complement your research and low-waste practices can be to hear stories of people who are already a few steps ahead of you. In a world driven by social media, it is easy to find not just resources, but people all over the world to help learn about something new you are about to venture into.

While low waste is a personal journey, it always helps to have added support. Our list features the best and most approachable zero-waste influencers in the country who are making a positive change. What is great is that none of them claims to have perfected the zero-waste concept. They all agree that it is okay to do zero-waste imperfectly rather than not doing it at all.

Before we get to the list of influencers, a few tips on how to make the most of this opportunity.

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How to get the most out of zero-waste influencers?

Influencers are resources in the form of people. This comes with its own share of pros and cons. Thus, it is essential to make the most out of following influencers online. The goal should be to create a space for conversation that benefits you, the influencer and other’s who are a part of the community.

  1. Do your research

    A setback of following zero-waste influencers is that they are a bit ahead in the game compared to you. So you could either scroll all the way to the bottom or do your own research and keep up. Learn about the words they are using, the resources they follow and share. This will make you a well-informed follower who is preaching what they learn and not just following influencers blindly.

  2. Understand what value the influencer adds

    To make the most of following zero-waste influencers you must know what value they add to your personal journey. Of course, influencers are particularly helpful in breaking down sustainable practices and pointing towards products you may need or should switch to. More often, zero-waste influencers also preach other sustainable concepts like vegan diets, plastic-free living or gardening. Thus, you have access to a variety of ideas and practices.

  3. Interact and learn together

    Finally, make the most of the digital space and engage in the various ways available. Attend live sessions, comment to know more or drop a DM with resources you came across. Zero-waste influencers realise that the sustainability space is ever-evolving and are always keen on learning more. So engage, interact and make the most of this digital connection.

Now that you know how to get the most from zero-waste influencers, let’s dive into our list.

1. Mrudula (@ullisu)

Screen grab of Mrudula's Instagram page
Mrudula’s Instagram page by the name Ullisu

Mrudula is from a fashion background but her habit of being ‘kanjoos’ and saving up attracted her to discover a zero-waste lifestyle. Her endeavour is thus called “Ullisu” which in Kannada stands for “save”. At ullisu.com, you get access to some free resources like blog articles and a package-free map with a list of all zero-waste shops pinned. Register to the Ullisu Tribe initiative where Mrudula conducts weekly video calls to spread awareness on sustainable concepts.

Mrudula is not just a zero-waste influencer but also an entrepreneur. She recently launched Ullisu Zero-waste Store where you can buy zero-waste products and get them delivered pan-India.

2. Mehndi (@conscious_chokri)

Mehndi’s Instagram reflects her constantly evolving journey exploring low-waste living in an Indian household. You will find easy-to-do practices, product suggestions and some motivational resources for those days when it feels you aren’t doing enough.

Mehndi also actively participates in community development and support, whether it is through engaging in sustainable meet-ups (both offline and online) or conducting workshops that help newbies start their low-waste journey. Keep an eye out on her Instagram for the latest activities.

3. Saniya Malhotra (@didyousaykabaad)

Saniya’s Instagram page called Did You Say Kabaad

Saniya is an architecture student from Uttrakhand and her Instagram username says it all. She is all about breaking down and understanding what to do with your ‘Kabaad’ or waste in an environment-friendly way.

Saniya’s Instagram is not just a good resource to learn about zero-waste living but also to expand your knowledge of composting, thrifting, reducing your carbon footprint and learning to make eco-bricks. With Saniya, you can expect a mixed bag of all things sustainable. She has also curated a list of Indian startups that offer waste doorstep waste pickup. You can access the same here.

4. Pankti (@zerowasteadda)

Zero-waste adda by Pankti

Pankti’s Instagram is truly a zero-waste adda of resources. Video tutorials, product swaps, easy practices and useful guides- you name it and Pankti has it all. Pankti is an advocate for not just zero-waste living but also slow fashion and minimalism.

Her content is perfect for Indians as it celebrates age-old sustainable practices we have been doing and what more we can do. She also shares natural skincare methods that were passed down in her family. Don’t forget to check out her highlights for deeper insights into all her zero-waste endeavours.

5. Nayana Premnath (@nayana_premnath)

Screen grab of Zero-waste influencer Nayana Premnath's Instagram profile.
A screen grab of Nayana’s Instagram page

Nayana discovered zero-waste journey on her journey as a Beauty and Lifestyle YouTuber. The shift to low-waste happened in 2019 and as she shares, is still in progress. Nayana is the girl to follow if you love having access to multiple resources. Besides a frequently updated Instagram page, Nayana has her own website and a YouTube channel.

All her offerings do not just showcase her low-waste journey but also her experiments with a vegan diet including some delicious recipe. You can also get your hands on a quick guide on easy zero-waste swaps that you can take up immediately.

Our list is just scratches the surface, there are tons of other bloggers, influencers and resource channels that can help you make the switch to zero-waste living.

Hi there! Conscious Charcha is the go-to place to find out more about zero-waste living and like-minded people. Subscribe to our blog and get easy guides, sustainable brand lists, and sustainable influencers you can follow.

Sanjoli is currently working as a Content Strategist and has a Master’s degree in Fashion Journalism. She has contributed to publications like MensXPMindless Mag and Sustain: The Mag in the past. Conscious Charcha is her way of learning more about sustainability and spreading the word about a sustainable lifestyle.


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