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Switch to soap bars for an eco-friendly bathroom

Soap bars are back in vogue. Find out how you can bring them back in your shower space.

By Shiny

Do you remember a time when ‘cake of soap’ was a prevalent thing to say? That time was a long time ago. One day, someone somewhere thought of putting soap into a plastic bottle, and voila, we got liquid soap and a lot of unwanted trash in our ecosystem. Fortunately, after almost a decade, people started realising that there are so many better options available. Choosing and switching back to these solid bars is one of them. One, for how convenient and cheap they are. Two for their low environmental impact. I did, and I hope through this article, I will be able to convince you all too.

Find out as I discuss what a soap bar is? How do they work? (Especially the new variants of shampoo bars) Why should we switch back to it? I end with a curated list of online shops where you can buy these bars from and make the switch right now.

What are soap, shampoo and conditioner bars?  

These are just like you regular liquid bathroom products but in a tangible form. This style of bar has replaced not only liquid soap but also liquid shampoo and conditioner.

How does it work?

A shampoo bar might not lather like a regular liquid shampoo. It is because most of these do not contain any chemical sulphate. They are also paraben-free (it is always good to recheck the ingredient list before purchase).

Conditioner bars, even though may sound slightly different from how we utilise it currently, are effortless to use. Wet the bar and glide it over your wet, clean hair, wait for a couple of minutes and rinse.

When I first switched to shampoo and conditioner bars, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the result. However, I still went with it and gave it another chance. After a couple of washes when all the chemical residues from my hair were gone, it felt incredible.

A little storage tip- let the bar completely dry and then store it into a tin soap case. Keeping your soap bars this way avoids stickiness and makes the bars last even longer.

Why should one switch to these bars? 

These are not only better for the environment but also inexpensive and contain less or almost no chemicals. I’m not particluarly eager to put a cocktail of chemicals on myself.

Natural ingredients not only take care of us better but also bring us close to nature. One can feel the organic texture and smell of something that a natural soap bar has to offer. They are generally plastic package-free and usually come in paper packaging. Eco-friendly packaging makes the packaging biodegradable so, you can throw it in your compost bin. 

One of the main reasons I switched to these bars was because I was aiming for a zero-waste and more sustainable lifestyle. As I started using these bars, I realised there are much more reasons to be happy with my decision.

One of the things I liked about it is its mobility, you can put it into a tin can or wrap it in a paper, and you are good to go. You don’t need to worry about spillage or travel restrictions like the one we face while carrying liquid. It is lightweight and doesn’t take too much space compared to those giant bottles. Plus you don’t have to purchase a whole lot of travel-sized bottles which are an absolute waste of money and end up adding to the plastic waste problem in the landfills. 

Now coming about the life span, bars are much more concentrated than liquid products; thus, they last longer. A soap bar might last you for a month or two depending upon its size and frequency of usage. A shampoo and conditioner bar lasts for longer spanning an average of 4-6 months if used on medium hair twice to thrice a week. 

Which brand should one buy? 

The best bars to buy are the ones that are made locally and not mass-produced, which are often harmful and wasteful to manufacture. Local, handmade items are so much better with fresh ingredients. Sometimes they are found with hyper-local ingredients, so you can imagine how well it is packed with comfort and all the goodness we want in our bathroom.

Also, consider buying cruelty-free. You can find a local soap maker in your nearby shops or explore on Instagram. You may need to do a little research, know the back story of a company, what they put in the bar, check various customer reviews, know their order policies and watch out for any greenwashing scams. It is best to make an informed decision before any purchase.

Or maybe I make it a little easier for you and share my top brands to shop from.

Sweet Rose bar soap by Vaanya Soap Co.

Sweet Rose Bar Soap
by Vaanya Soap Co.
₹ 289

Suitable for intense scent fanatics. Multiple bar soaps available.

Face wash bar by Goli Soda

All Natural Probiotics & Rejuvenating Face Wash Bar
by Goli Soda
₹ 250

A face wash but in a bar form that is sustainable for all ages and skin types.

Acai relief shampoo bar by The Switch Fix

Acai of Relief Shampoo Bar
by The Switch Fix
₹ 559

Perfect for attaining healthy, strong hair.
Other options are also available.

Soap bar by Ruharoma

Ocean Waves Goat Milk Soap
by Ruharoma
₹ 380

Explore from a wide variety of cold process soaps.

Deep conditioning shampoo bar by Sage and Poppy Co.

Henna and Amla Deep Conditioning Shampoo Bar
by Sage and Poppy Co.
₹ 450

Get back that faded glow into your tresses.

Change your bathroom from a chemistry lab to your all-natural sanctuary today. Switch and choose soap bars over plastic-packaged bottles.

Feature image used making soap bar image from Ruharoma

Shiny is currently pursuing a master’s degree from Jadavpur University in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism. She is in her twenties and loves to travel through the pages of a book and IRL. She dreams of using film as a tool to spread awareness about carbon footprint. You could also check her journey as a sustainability enthusiast on her Instagram.


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