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5 habits to feel more connected to nature

By Keerthna

We are busy at work, occupied at home, working even on vacation. Have you ever sat down and relaxed, felt the need to connect to mother nature? You can’t feel the breeze if you put yourself in the desert. You can’t touch the rain if you prefer staying under a roof and definitely can’t enjoy a sunset if you feel safe under the shade.

Venture out and feel the nature to understand this place we call home – our Earth. Nature is the best teacher; it teaches you everything from economics to finance from mathematics to physics. All you have to do is lend it your ears. 

These are five habits one can develop to feel more rooted. Developing a practice is not an easy task but staying committed is vital. Start with something easy and push yourself into making it a habit.

Here are five habits that will make you feel more connected to Mother Nature.

Close your eyes 

It doesn’t have to be at the same time or in the same place, close your eye see the darkness behind your eyelids and fill yourself with white light. Feel your light body; it is not necessary to focus on one particular thing. Close your eyes, and feel your thoughts.

Meditation is all about connecting with t to your inner self. One has to communicate with self before trying to make a connection with nature or other living beings. So, close your eyes. 

Soak your feet 

We are all living stressful lives- education, graduation, profession almost everything is stressful in the modern world. We live ambitious lives, and we all want to achieve something or the other.

Ambition is essential, but so is relaxing and letting go. If you are angry, soak your feet in cold water, you may add little ice. If you want to relax, soak your feet in warm water.

Can soaking feet change your mind and mood? Yes, it definitely can. Once you do, you will understand the power of water. Water dissolves almost anything that comes in touch with it. So let the water wash away your stress.

Watch the sunrise or sunset 

If you an early bird watch the sunrise and if you’re a night owl watches the sunset. Both give us hope that there is always a new day to start over, correct our mistake and be successful. Both have to change colours which show us nothing is permanent.

The sun rises and sets every day, yet each time it feels brand new when you see it. So let the beauty of the sun’s movement capture you. Ten minutes daily can energise you and help you stay motivated.  

Nature is addictive once you get in close there is no looking back. 

Get out to get your feet dirty 

A walk in the park bare feet under old trees or sitting on the beach and letting the waves touch your feet -whichever is possible do it. Even watching a plant that you grow in a pot inside your house helps you pick yourself up when you have a rough day.

Pick a hobby that helps you get in touch with nature and makes your hand and feet dirty. Grow a vegetable inside your house or a house plant. Touch the soil to know its value.

Consume your food the right way

What is new about eating food? We have all developed a habit of watching television, reading a newspaper at the breakfast table or browsing through our mobile phones while eating our meal. We don’t cherish the food that goes into us.

Food is one of the prime ways we directly get in touch with nature. We eat what is grown in the soil we live in. Eating local and undisturbed is one way to understand nature. We get it from the store to cook it in our kitchen to eat it in our table. But for a second think how it was grown and how long it was grown while you eat. Then you will never find a distraction during any course of the meal. 

These are simple yet effective steps to living in harmony with nature and co-exist with other living beings. These habits are simple, easy and will make you feel more connected to the nature around you.

Keerthna is an MBA graduate running a coir industry and living a sustainable life for about four years. Dog lover, passionate about farming and she is living a chemical-free life. Her blog Earthenpot is an extension to this article and celebrates living in harmony with nature.

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